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Bridget Cook

The Magic of Living Your Life On Purpose

When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Best-selling author, Bridget Cook saw love. Like many of us Bridget struggled to please others, overachieving without regard to the

Gloria Feldt

Women Can Gain Power

Do you play down your assets and shy away from power? Gloria Feldt says that she did and she sees other women defer to men every day. She wrote, No


Women Gain Power with Communication

Dr. Lois Phillips says that silence is NOT golden. When women leaders speak with a public voice, they achieve a better quality of life for all. They change policy …


Women Philanthropists Change the World

Author and social activist, Joanna Krotz reports that women business owners give a higher percentage of their income, more often than any other group. Joanna has written two books on

shirley osborne

How to Help Women Win

Shirley Osborne found the answer when a 14 year old girl said, “When every girl succeeds, every woman wins.” Adopting this powerful message as her personal mission statement, Shirley has


How to Turn Tragedy into Hope

Aurea McGarry lived a Cinderella life until tragedy struck. She tells her amazing story in her book, I Won’t Survive… I’ll Thrive! Aurea believes women are naturally strong and resilient.


Women Who Aren’t Kids Speak Out

Cheryl Benton created The Three Tomatoes e-newsletter to share information with a few women friends who weren’t kids any more. After 30 years living and breathing the New York City


One Woman’s Fight for Human Rights

Former BBC reporter, Rebecca Tinsley, says that she couldn’t visit the victims of mass slaughter and genocide without doing something about it. She founded Waging Peace, an organization that fights


Women Love High Achievement

What is your work style? Are you a doer, happiest when leaping tall buildings and achieving the impossible? What do you do when you’re finished? If you feel let down,

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