Why Empower Women and Girls

self-esteem expert and founder of REALgirl Empowerment WorkshopsImagine if every girl knew her real value, felt self-confident and knew no limits to her aspirations. What a different place the world would be!
Anea Bogue founded REALgirlĀ® Empowerment Workshops and Camps because she wanted girls to develop healthy self-esteem and define themselves on their own terms. Further, she wanted them to retain their knowledge so they can continue to develop and make informed choices. Anea tells how her own self-esteem peaked at age 9, a pattern which studies show is common for girls. When her childhood confidence encountered adolescence and an abusive relationship, her feelings of self-worth plummeted.
When she saw her high school students facing the same struggles, Anea found her calling to rebuild the lost self-value in the girls and their moms. Now she works to empower all women and girls from age 9 to 90. An important component is for girls and women to support each other, which creates enduring bonds among sisters. When we feel whole and joyful, we want the same for others. When we feel lacking, we resent others who seem to have it all.
Anea describes how women lose out in a patriarchal society. If God is a man, where does that leave women? If all the power rests with a man, women are left to find their power by attracting the right man. That puts girls and women in competition with each other rather than supporting one another for mutual empowerment. In fact, when viewed in terms of human development, patriarchy serves no one. It limits men, while it cripples girls and women.
Listen to this eye-opening conversation about how women can peel back layers of programming to claim our true power.

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