Mentoring and Self-Esteem

I am confident, smart and absolutely amazing!Self-esteem is something we are born with. A baby comes out cute and smiling, but then what happens? It hears words, and has bad touches and soon all she knows is she is bad, stupid, ugly, and not worth much at all. She is in the way and can never amount to much.
A child learns early about what she is or is not, and she takes these messages with her where ever she may go.
It is easy to learn to feel “less than” and it is even harder to unlearn and to find that she in fact is an amazing creature. Women are more sensitive to criticism and take words and actions to heart, and they feel guilt and doubt about themselves profoundly.

How Can A Mentor Help a Woman with Negative Self-Image?

It takes a good mentor, and good role model to help a woman out of her negative self-image and self-esteem and to help her learn to stop the negative self-talk (I am not smart, I am too fat, I am not worthy). It takes time to un-do the cruelty of others, but it can be done with love, support, and kindness and time.
Tell a woman today how special she is and how much she means to you. Watch her blush! Many women do not take compliments well, nor do they talk about their accomplishments. Adults need to teach young girls today about practicing these skills and help them to find their voices early in life. With the right start, they will grow in inner and outer strength and will share it with other women.
Pass it on. Each woman is worth it, one woman at a time.
~~Dr Nancy D. O’Reilly

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