Amazing Women Find Their Zip and Zest for Life

I recently spoke with Genie James about her new book; “In the Mood Again“.  Yes it really means what it says….Genie is the co-founder of The Natural Hormone Institute.  She and her husband are helping men and women find their lust and passion for life.  It is more than just getting in the mood for love but getting back one’s love of life.  I know as time has passed, I search out ways to feel energized, get more pep and most of all the motivation to get moving.
I have heard so many women say their greatest fear is not having enough energy for the things they need to do.  Genie says there is hope for all of  us.  Hormonal imbalances begin as early as age 30 years for women. It does seem fair as we get older and are making more time for the things we love and yet are too pooped to pop.  I am excited about my conversation with Genie and this no fluff piece of literature.
In the Mood Again is a serious read about how hormones work, what we can do to feel better and what resources are out there for any woman who wants her “zippity do” back.  I am all for that and will pass along any and all resources that come my way.  Here is to life and a life full of excitement and lots of passion.  Join me and listen to my conversation with Genie James about her book, In the Mood and find your MOJO……and get it working again. Happy days are here again.
~Dr Nancy

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