Beat Aging Anxiety

Posted on August 9th, 2010 by Maggie Castrey

Do you worry about growing older? About half of women do. At the grocery checkout they see magazine covers of beautiful, young, glowing women. The images present an impossible, airbrushed ideal that can raise fears about wrinkles, weight, and losing in the desirability derby if her man compares her to these beauties.

And appearance is just the start! In fact, most women worry far more about money than about their looks. The struggle to fund single motherhood or a secure retirement worries many women.

Another huge anxiety issue for women is their health. Many saw their mothers and female relatives sicken and slide complaining into an unhappy twilight.

No wonder the women we talked to struggle to grow older gracefully.

What can you do?

First of all, stop the squirrel that is your mind from running round and round in the cage of anxious thoughts. Challenge your thinking and choose to focus on the things you can do something about.

Every woman’s body will change as the years pass.

Do the best you can with a healthy diet, hydration, good skin care, spiritual practice and physical activities you enjoy. After that, work on self-acceptance.

Face up to financial anxiety.

Take a hard look at your spending habits to find places you can save and begin to faithfully put that money into savings. If you truly have no pennies to spare, you might to increase your income, perhaps by improving your job performance, or even by acquiring more skills so you can get a better job.

Harness your health anxiety to develop good habits.

Monitor and screen regularly for health problems. But remember, experts say the majority of health problems plaguing Americans today are caused by poor lifestyle choices.

Get happy and feel great.

Start by identifying the single most important action you can take to fight your biggest worry, then get with your girlfriends to develop your strategies.

It’s your wonderful life and you deserve to enjoy it!

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