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How Successful Women Support Each Other in Work and Life



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Thoughts, advice, and stories from 40 successful women across a variety of careers—from authors to actresses, CEOs and professors—encouraging women to support each other in the workplace and in life—along with action plans on how all women can work together to break free from the binds of gender inequality and overcome gender bias.

Women worldwide are breaking their silence—coming forward against the men that have oppressed and abused them in the #MeToo movement. It’s an exciting, liberating time for female empowerment—but now we have to relearn how women can support women.

Instead of supporting each other through the challenges of a traditionally male-dominated working world, millions of women have experienced the polar opposite. Studies show that 30% of workplace bullies are female—employing tactics such as cyber bullying, verbal attacks, gossiping, and shunning to use against each other—and many women have garnered “mean girl” reputations as competitive and unsupportive in the workplace. Learning to deal with mean women at work and diffuse this kind of negative power takes courage and strategy based on understanding the motives behind the behavior.

Inside the galvanizing In This Together, 40 successful women from a wide range of fields show us how women claim their power and how much we can achieve if we embrace our collective strength, instead of competing against each other. We can learn new skills to advance in our careers and ultimately earn more money; we can work to dramatically increase the number of women in leadership positions, and even recruit men as allies to take up workplace equality as their own impassioned cause.

Empowering, stirring, and actionable, In This Together is an indispensable addition to every woman’s arsenal in our continued fight for the opportunities we deserve.

In This Together is a must read for women of all races, cultures, and backgrounds.  This important and timely book brilliantly details how we as women can inspire and empower one another to build on our strengths and gain success in our workplaces, families, communities, society, and our world.”

Dr Sheila A Robinson

Publisher & CEO Diversity Women Magazine
and Conference Founder Diversity Women’s Business Leadership

Praise for In This Together:

“Whether our problem is isolation in a male-dominant culture, distance across racial barriers, living in front of a computer screen, or all three, Nancy O’Reilly’s In This Together will help us to create community, success, and well-being.”Gloria Steinem, feminist activist and organizer

“Through rigorous research interviews, insight and analysis, Dr. Nancy D. O’Reilly has produced delightfully informative required reading for women–and men–in all career phases and industries. We all need In This Together: How Successful Women Support Each Other In Work and Life to understand and navigate our own power, abundance, strengths, excellence, bias and generosity to be who we dream we can be.”Michele Weldon, author, journalist, emerita faculty at Northwestern University and editorial director of Take The Lead

“From the boardroom to the home front, this book tells us how to take charge and lead the way with our innate qualities of communication, collaboration, courage, and perseverance. In this well-researched must-read, Nancy O’Reilly motivates us to come together for the future of womankind and all humanity, offers real strategies and personal stories from women who are making it happen, and compels us to be a part of this powerful time in history. We can do this!”Linda Rendleman, MS, President of the Women Like Us Foundation

“Every young woman who hasn’t stepped into her power yet, every woman in a leadership role, and every man who’s confused about what his role should be needs to read In This Together. Dr. O’Reilly’s new insights, inspiration, practical advice, and innovative solutions give us a pathway to achieving gender equality. Finally.”—Cheryl Benton, Founder/Publisher, The Three Tomatoes, Leading Womenco-author, author of Can You See Us Now?

“Dr. Nancy does a masterful job raising our consciousness about the importance for women supporting women.  The principles outlined in the book help every woman move from success into significance. History teaches us that when women come together and support each other, we can change the world.”—Trudy Bourgeois, author of EQUALITY:  Courageous Conversations about Women, Men and Race to Spark a Diversity and Inclusion Breakthrough

“We are at a critical point in society where every single woman is needed to engage as a leader. Dr. Nancy O’Reilly takes a hard look at the role that bias plays in advancement, and offers specific strategies to help women uncover personal and workplace bias, realign their perspective, and work together to get ahead. This book is a game changer, and a must read for women at every level!”—Elisa Parker, Cofounder and President of See Jane Do

In This Together is a must read for women of all races, cultures, and backgrounds.  This important and timely book brilliantly details how we as women can inspire and empower one another to build on our strengths and gain success in our workplaces, families, communities, society, and our world.”—Dr. Sheila A. Robinson, Publisher & CEO Diversity Woman Magazine, Conference Founder Diversity Women’s Business Leadership

“This book offers women a powerful perspective about how to advance, how to get support and how to give support to others.”—Marlene Chism, author of Stop Workplace Drama and No-Drama Leadership

“Dr. O’Reilly’s important book shows us how we can grow in our own capabilities and leadership, while at the same time building an empowering culture of mutual respect and support so that we can all work together to reach our highest potential.“—Kathy Caprino, M.A., Founder/President of Ellia Communications and Senior Forbes contributor

“Nancy O’Reilly’s book is inspirational and empowering for all women to read and absorb. These times require women to reclaim their voices and In This Together provides the common goals, support, and the pathway to a revolution that is overdue.  Feminine leadership is rising and together we can change the world.”—Danna Beal. M.Ed., International speaker and author of The Extraordinary Workplace: Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion

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