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The media bombards women with images geared toward youthful beauty, from the latest skincare and makeup products, to clothes, shoes and accessories modeled by young, lithe figures. These unrealistic images can make some feel weak, invisible, fearful, and ignored – while others are empowered, fearless, strong, and determined. This book explores the factors that account for those differences.

“This inspiring book shows women the breadth of their choices and possibilities for endless personal growth. Women have a gift for personal honesty and for storytelling and the two come together in this book to help us know each other, draw strength from one another and teach each other. There is a lot of wisdom in this book. It’s a tonic to read.”

Pepper Schwartz, PhD

Professor of Sociology, University of Washington, AARP Sex and Relationships Expert
and author of Prime: Adventures and Advice About Sex, Love and the Sensural Years (Harper Collins)

Women Want More

Too often women compare themselves to other women or to women they see in the media. Dr. Nancy conducted research with more than 1200 women ages 20 to over 80 years old. Her findings inspire readers to refuse to settle for less as they get older.

Read this book for answers if you:

  • Wonder who’s in the mirror when you accidentally see your reflection
  • Still feel sexy and vital but worry about your partner
  • Feel invisible and wonder if your boss still values you
  • Fight to be taken seriously, have unfulfilled dreams, or feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities
  • Have a hard time depending on a man, feel torn between the demands of your family and your own desires, and worry about failing everyone
  • Feel tired all the time, worry that time is running out on your goals and ambitions, and wish you had time to “just be me”
Praise for Timeless Women Speak:

“The authors make a unique contribution to the literature on women because they discuss in detail, based on their research, the specific issues most troubling to women. This is a book that everyone in the family should read: grandmothers, mothers, and their daughters, as well as the men, to help understand the challenges faced by women in each decade of life.”—Janet Horn, MD, co-author The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife and Beyond: A No Nonsense Approach to Staying Healthy After 50.

“Whether you are 29, 99, or someplace in between, you will find this touching, inspirational book to be a positive guide to living life to the fullest. This book is exactly what women at all stages of life need to reach their full potential.”—Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall, co-founders, Women’s Institute for Financial Education

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