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Christine Arylo

Christine Arylo has silenced her own inner mean girl by creating a healthy relationship with self-love. Once a confirmed achievement junkie, Christine now proclaims herself to be “The Queen of Self-Love,” and with this new title, she is writing and teaching others how to identify their own inner mean girls and to quiet their self-bullying to live happy, fulfilling lives.
If you find yourself thinking that no matter what you do, it’s not enough, or volunteering for everything when you can’t keep up with what you have, you need to listen to this interview and check out Christine’s new book, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself & Start Loving Yourself, which she co-authored with Amy Ahlers.

 How the Inner Mean Girl Can Cause Real Harm

Inner-Mean-Girl-bookAlthough Christine has invented playful ways to deal with your inner mean girl, she also lists awful things that happen to women because of the stress they endure every day. For example: more women die of heart disease than any other natural cause; 60% of women see a doctor for stress-related health problems. Yet women continue to push themselves. The committed “doing addicts” keep doing it all themselves, no matter what IBS or other symptoms plague them.
Also, inner mean girls become outer mean girls and take their frustration out on others. Christine says not all mean girls are mean, but driven by fear and inner lack of self-love, they become sneaky, catty, manipulative back-stabbers. This path is not good for anyone.

 Inner Mean Girl Reform School

Christine and Amy include many inner-wisdom tools with the book, including quizzes to help you identify your inner mean girl(s), live streaming to connect virtually and in person with others reforming their inner mean girls and more. Check out their inner-wisdom blog for more important tips, videos and meditations.
This interview shares more humorous advice and insights into how much easier you can make your life and live your dreams by reaching out for help and making a difference with other women. Dr. Nancy and Christine agree it’s important to give yourself permission to love yourself and get out of the rat race caused by what others tell you to be, and even hug your inner mean girl once in awhile.

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