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Posted on February 27th, 2017 by Dr. Nancy

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Tasha M. Scott

Tasha M. Scott became “The Success Connector” when she discovered she had to connect with her true self and her faith to build  a foundation for success on the inside as well as the outside. Building her court reporting business, Real Time Reporting, LLC, to six figures within one year was impressive on the outside, but her personal life began to fall apart. Hiding her fear of abandonment and other issues beneath the workaholic exterior ran her and her husband into personal bankruptcy and a failing marriage. But she struggled back  with the help of aa personal coach who provided a safe place for Tasha to peel back the layers of doubt and fear and to discover the powerful, faith-based person she was.
Maximize Your Existence BookStill maintaining her successful first business, today Tasha is a speaker, coach and writer. In just three years, she has written two books, Don’t Limit Me and Maximize Your Existence to help others journey through their own personal barriers to find their passion and purpose and to move toward their own life success.

What Holds Women Back

Tasha says that women don’t take leadership positions because they lack inner confidence to believe they can lead. She agrees that there are feelings of fear about failing, but more than that, she feels women are actually afraid of feeling fearful. That fear stops them from even considering following their dreams as a possibility. Tasha says that she had to embrace the possibilities and she encourages other women to do the same.
One of her methods is a system she calls SWOT Business Assessment, which she uses both in her keynote addresses and in her one-on-one coaching sessions:

  • S stands for Strengths, whether it’s a character trait or a skill, which asks the questions: What are you good at? What do people compliment you on? What do you do without even thinking about it?
  • W stands for Weaknesses and unfortunately people have no problem pinpointing those.
  • O stands for Opportunities and she asks women to look at  their dreams.
  • T stands for Threats and she asks participants what is holding them back.

Tasha emphasizes that you have to start with your strengths, no matter where you are in the process. When you admit your weaknesses, you have to partner with someone who is strong in those areas or outsource them to make sure they are done well. She likens it to a puzzle, putting together the pieces that will work  to build your confidence and ensure your success.

Tips for Finding Your Calling

Both her books and her website contain lots of information for finding your calling. Tasha says that often women are so used to giving they don’t stop and listen to receive information from others. It’s important to stop hiding and embrace your power and your dreams. When you embrace who you are and your God-given gifts, you build your success on the most durable foundation for a fulfilling life. Check out Tasha’s website, her video blog and her audio book version of her newest book, Maximize Your Existence.  Then listen to this interview for more words of wisdom from Dr. Nancy and Tasha.

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