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Posted on December 20th, 2016 by Dr. Nancy

Ragan ThomsonOvercoming a 20-year eating disorder was just one step Ragan O’Reilly Thomson took on her path to become the loving, compassionate and intuitive healer and Transformational Life Coach she is today. Ragan has recently partnered with her mother Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, to present Mother-Daughter workshops in Santa Barbara, CA. She also conducts couples counseling with her husband Alex, provides counseling on the phone and in person, and hosts goddess gatherings, and inspiring seminars. Her life has blossomed from surviving to thriving as she discovered her life’s work, which is to help others discover the healing she has experienced herself.

People Don’t Have to Suffer and Be Miserable

Having found joy in her own life, Ragan explains that most of us do not participate actively in our lives today but are instead asleep, thoughtlessly absorbing the collective unconsciousness in our culture. We listen to the media, see the movies and believe our friends and family when they make us feel less than we really are. When we begin to open our eyes to our authentic selves and see our paths more clearly, we rid ourselves of the roller coaster of highs and lows and wake up to abundant joy.

Dr. Nancy and Ragan agree that when you find your true passion and purpose, your daily life and the work you do are transformed into something beyond being merely happy. For Ragan, she says that it was like removing a lifetime’s build up of dust from a light bulb. Although she was born light and bright – like every person – she accumulated energy blockages that caused multiple problems. As she went through each stage of searching, first playing tennis, then acting and producing, she was really lost and weighed down by her life experiences. Then she found a spiritual community and a mentor and learned what was inhibiting her growth and knowledge of her true self. As she cleared away the blockages, she learned that she is a teacher and healer. She also discovered she could trust her own intuitive gifts.

You Can Wake Up and Live Your Dream

The Dali Lama says to “wake up.” Ragan says that while 95% of the world is still sleeping through their lives, more and more people are waking up. It is so easy today to find teachers that you only have to reach out and ask for help. You can search online for transformational teachers or spiritual healers and find someone in your community. She maintains that if everyone would recognize the god or goddess within them, we wouldn’t have wars, suffering and violence. We would find peace and live our dreams.

More Empowering News

Listen to this interview to learn more about Ragan’s story and the changes she sees happening across the planet. Check out her website for upcoming events and contact information. And visit dr.nancyoreilly.com for more information about Mother-Daughter workshops in the Santa Barbara area.

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