Feminism's Generation War

Posted on October 7th, 2010 by Maggie Castrey

I’ve  heard midlife women fretting recently that younger women today aren’t feminists and that they think all the battles have already been won. Not so, according to a very smart post by Katha Pollitt about Feminism’s Generation War.
Pollitt gives a knowledgeable overview and concludes that the grievances among older and younger women come down to a conflict between older women’s desire to retain control of the movements they started and the younger women’s need for recognition and authority.
She closes this way:

“It’s only natural for people to want to stay in charge of the movement they poured their life energies into – “Get your own damned torch,” Robin Morgan famously told a young woman who intimated it was time to pass hers on. “I’m still using mine.” As I’ve written many times, young women in a hurry should use their fabulous social networking skills to start their own organisations. After all, that’s what their mothers – and fathers – did, not so very long ago.”

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