Find More Joy this Summer

Posted on July 7th, 2010 by Maggie Castrey

I hope you are enjoying summer fun and spending quality time with family and friends. I love to do things that make me feel like a kid again. When school lets out for the summer, it feels like time for me to begin summer vacation as well. Do you feel that way? I remember going to the pool, eating frozen candy bars, hanging out with my girlfriends and dreaming about what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Even though I don’t sun bathe anymore, I still eat the occasional (non-frozen) candy bar, hang with my women friends and still dream almost every day about my future. Some things never change. I know that finding my balance and peace and joy are still tops on my to-do list.

How is your joy level measuring up these days? Are you happy with your life and all it has to offer? I want to tell you if you are not feeling joyful, do something about it right now. When you woke up this morning did you begin your day with thanks and appreciation for what you have and who you are? I just became a grandparent again for the 6th and 7th time, and all seven are granddaughters. What a blessing. They are identical twins but each is uniquely special with her own personality and temperament, and each already knows what makes her feel safe and secure. Remind yourself how special you are—and how unique—and that there is no one like you in the whole wide world.

What gives you joy? Is it a place, a person, an experience or something that you can smell, taste, and touch? If you have forgotten some of these things bring them to mind…..a walk on the beach, your friend’s great sense of humor, or the taste of those great chocolate chip cookies hot out of the oven. Remember and close your eyes and now all those experiences are yours and no one can take them away.

One of the guest authors I interviewed recently told me she makes sure that each person she works with has a plan to be empowered and full of promise. She helps women know they have the ability to create the world they want and deserve. “Deserve” is an important word that women need to understand. It means you have a right to have a life full of joy, happiness, and to feel safe and secure. Our goal for you is that you will find your joy. You deserve joy in your life. I hope these articles help you to find more joy, more tools to be at your best, to feel revived and excited about what is around the corner. We are here for you and our promise is to keep giving information that will help you live well, laugh often and love more.

~ Dr Nancy

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