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“We need to celebrate women’s accomplishments in this male-dominated culture, even though we still earn less than men, the ERA is still not law, and millions of our sisters around the world suffer violence at staggering rates… Now is the time to connect with one another and create a new women’s movement of women helping women.”

Dr. Nancy

The Mission

Women Connect4Good, Inc., a 501(c)3 foundation, educates people to develop women-helping-women networks that raise the status of women globally. The foundation works to help women:
  • Develop crucial skills
    • Self-confidence to improve themselves, their communities and the world
    • Strategies for advancement in their professions and careers
    • Behaviors that promote healthy relationships and avoid abuse in families and the workplace
  • Learn to take charge of their lives
    • Proper health and fitness for themselves and loved ones
    • Protect themselves from threats to their safety
    • Take charge of their finances
  • Connect deeply with others to create change
    • Create effective networks to advance careers, families and societies
    • Sponsor and mentor to give and receive mutual support
    • Join with other women to help others in need
The foundation produces podcasts, develops websites, distributes newsletters, maintains Women Connect4Good, Inc. resources, publishes books, provides keynote speakers, conducts research, surveys and other studies and publishes the results, and facilitates networking among smart, amazing women devoted to changing the world.

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