The Women Connect4Good Team

Maggie Castrey

As a writer, editor, and speaker with a degree in psychology, team leader Maggie Castrey has worked with Dr. Nancy for two decades. She has guided the Women Connect4Good team in creating web and social media content, books, magazine articles, research and speeches, whatever Dr. Nancy requires. The best part of working with the Women Connect dream team is the way we all support each other in keeping our personal lives afloat while we pursue our joint mission. Maggie grew up in the Hawaiian Islands, has pursued many adventures, and believes everyone’s life contains expansive possibilities. Maggie and her husband of 30 years live in the Midwest, four blocks from their wonderful daughter, son-in-law, and two beautiful grandchildren. She is a member of Women in Communications and League of Women Voters.

Paul Duckworth

Librarian, researcher, editor, and writer Paul Duckworth brings decades of experience to the team and focuses on support where needed for Women Connect4Good, Inc. He enjoys tracking down and verifying facts as well as polishing sentences and contributing to the team’s mission overall. He relishes being able to contribute to advancing opportunities for women and helping move our culture beyond labels, limitations, and dualistic thinking. He was introduced to technology later in life and spans the worlds of both traditional print and contemporary electronic resources. He enjoys gardening, photography, cooking Indian food, reading nonfiction, and taking long walks in the woods.

Cathy Evans

Writer-producer Cathy Evans researches, schedules, coordinates and promotes Dr. Nancy’s Conversations with Smart, Amazing Women. It thrills her to connect with so many wise, accomplished women, learn about their work and help to share their messages to help other women. With a master’s degree in communications and 30+ years’ experience in writing and production for different kinds of media and purposes, she feels grateful to use her talent for such “worthy work” and to contribute to this amazing team. The WomenConnect4Good team lives the mission and works together in mutual support to deliver the most positive outcome possible. “Dream team” is not a placating term; it’s the way we would all like to work, and we feel fortunate to experience it.

Melissa Miller Young

Writer and social media strategist Melissa Miller Young works to keep the issues pertinent to Women Connect4Good at the forefront. From blog posts to Facebook conversations, she loves working to help women find the tools they need to succeed, help one another and lead an empowered life. She enjoys coordinating her efforts with the WomenConnect4Good team and finds the opportunity to connect with thought leaders in the field and share their messages a dream come true. Melissa has spent over 20 years in the industry, working in both corporate and freelance settings. She shares her empty nest with her husband Gary, her dog Watson and two temperamental cats. Her daughter, Mallory, and son, Tyler, are both grown, and Melissa loves to spend as much time as possible with them, and extended friends and family. When not working, she devotes her free time to supporting favorite causes and nonprofits.

Cory Goode

Social media strategist Cory Goode possesses a keen interest in issues related to justice and equality, including gender equality. He takes great pride in promoting the work of the Women Connect4Good, Inc. foundation on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Cory also works in the advertising industry with a focus on email and digital marketing.

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