From My Heart to Yours

Posted on April 8th, 2019 by Melissa

Ragan-Thomson-Podcast-With-Guest-Nancy-OReillyDr. Nancy’s daughter, Ragan Thomson is a healer, spiritual coach, and divine facilitator. Her life and work intentions are to raise consciousness, bring forth light to humanity, and heal one soul at a time.

Ragan hosts live events at the stunning Thomson Sanctuary in Montecito, California. During these events, her guests participate in meditation, sacred connection, circle sharing, and coaching. She also releases free weekly audio messages, where she guides her audience through a transformational journey to authenticity, truth, and awakening of the divine.

In this episode of Ragan’s podcast series “From My Heart To Yours”, she invites Dr. Nancy to take part in a meaningful conversation about the harmonization of the masculine and the feminine. The episode goes in-depth into aligning with your true self and expressing your own masculine and/or feminine essence.

Click here to listen to Ragan’s  interview with her mom, Dr. Nancy O’Reilly.

If you enjoyed this episode of  “From My Heart To Yours podcast, you can stay up to date with Ragan’s social media pages @Ragan_Thomson.

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