Goddess in Action, a Women Empowerment Gathering

Posted on October 24th, 2019 by Melissa

Dr. Nancy will join her daughter Ragan Thomson on November 16, 2019 for Goddess in Action, part of The Awakening of the Goddess Seriesa women empowerment gathering.  The two will host an evening for women from all walks of life, share their stories of healing and experience, and honor each other from opposite sides of the business world. Dr. Nancy and Ragan, a healer, spiritual coach, and divine facilitator, will also help attendees find their internal value to create success.

Attendees will connect with other working women and receive encouragement and support to bring their inner Goddess into action and enhance their business lives. The event will allow women to learn to lead their business from their feminine energy, while surrounding themselves with other women who are seeking a meaningful and supportive connection.  More than a networking event, this is an opportunity for women to come together to create a lasting and impactful forward movement within themselves, their businesses, and their community.

Benefits you’ll receive from Goddess in Action

  • Unlock balance, joy, and fulfillment in your business and life.
  • Share your experience and struggles and get support from your sisters.
  • Receive coaching from Ragan.
  • Unlock your net worth, your internal value.
  • Remove any obstacles on your way and say “yes!” to making money the way you want.
  • Enjoy a boutique held by local businesswomen.

Through her podcasts, workshops, and coaching sessions, Ragan helps people resolve their wounds, access their inner joy, keep their hearts open, and stay true to themselves. Always one soul at a time. Check out her website, www.raganthomson.com to learn more about her work, or click here to learn more about November’s event.


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