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A publisher asked me recently how the book Timeless Women Speak: Feeling Youthful At Any Age differs from other books for women at midlife.
Dr. Nancy’s research with over 1,200 women (published in the American Journal of Health Behavior) showed that nearly half were afraid of getting older.
Many women do not feel confident in the face of advancing age and want help, and this book offers specific how-to tips, steps and techniques. It shows women how to overcome their fears, isolation and invisibility.
Many women do not feel able to handle aging challenges, and telling them it’s the fault of media and society does not help them grow beyond it. They cannot imagine how they could become confident and fearless.
Rather than sweeping these fears under the rug, nearly half the profiles in this book openly describe fears. This open discussion normalizes aging concerns so women can face their feelings and move beyond them. The entire book centers on the four areas that Dr. Nancy’s research revealed were core concerns for all women:

  1. Fear of getting older
  2. Health concerns
  3. Relationships
  4. Finances

These issues affect women of various ages differently. Reading about the experiences of younger women helps women relate to their daughters and younger associates. The issues and opportunities are different for women at each decade for self-awareness and understanding of peers and siblings.
The detailed profiles of women in their 70s and 80s depict opportunities and challenges that help women understand their mothers. The narrative systematically tells each woman’s story in chronological order, specifically addressing the four key areas as they are affecting by fears or lack of fears, showing the wholeness of each woman’s life.
It’s important to demonstrate that women’s concerns are similar throughout life, although different in forms and priorities and that getting older is not a strange alien land.
As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Nancy analyzes each woman’s strengths and challenges and offers specific suggestions for resolving issues. Her sound psychological tools help women develop positive attitudes and behaviors. She provides specific step-by-step tips that can help readers develop techniques and attitudes for success.
Dr. Nancy reveals herself as a woman who had every advantage, yet was still afraid of getting older, and this books deals openly with her aging fears. She offers techniques and reassurance that women can overcome their fears of getting older. It provides affirmations to women who are doing well with getting older, and encourages them to help our many sisters who would like to stop worrying so much about their aging.

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