I Have a Gun and I am Out of Estrogen….Are You Safe?

Posted on April 29th, 2010 by Dr. Nancy

I recently purchased a handgun for personal protection.  I have handled guns and have shot both shotguns and hand guns but never owned by own gun.  It is a strange feeling to walk into gun store pick out the gun of my choice and within seconds be cleared and able to purchase and walk out of that store with a high powered handgun.  I guess I am still wondering about it all.  I know I am not going to go out and rob a bank or shoot my neighbor or get mad at my hubby and blow him away.  I am not about to “make my day” as Clint Eastwood warned the bad guy when he played his famous character, Dirty Harry.  I have a gun and yes I have been out of estrogen for many years.  I will respect my gun and use it only if someone I love is threatened or I am personally in harms way.  I will use it if I have to and that is why I bought it.  I have learned since telling others about my recent purchase I am not alone. The number one purchaser of handgunsare women and they are packing.  Many of them are buying guns and going out and getting a “cancealed weapons license”.  This means they are able with this license to carry this weapon in their purse, brief case, backpack or carry with a shoulder harness on their bodies.

I must admit this is what I also am in the process of doing. I am planning on taking an all-day class which if I pass the exam will allow me to carry my weapon on my person.  Wow, I have even looked at shoulder harnesses and clips that would attach to my belt.  Women are taking their second amendment right to carry a firearm.  I guess sooner of later many of us decide that is time to take the initiative to protect ourselves and those they love.  I have fired it several times and each time I fire it I know this is serious business.  I want to be comfortable and proficient with this gun.  I have decided to also name her. Yes, she is a female.  I have friend and her gun’s name is Molly.  I think my gun should have a very strong, exotic name like Sonja , Silvia or Brandy.  I will decide soon.

Have you thought about getting a gun to protect yourself?  I will keep you posted on my progress and whether or not I get my concealed weapons  license.  I will be honest I have not done well with my target shooting so I need to practice a lot.  I promise I will not forget the danger and safety needed when you have a gun in your home. It has a safety and when my kids or grand kids are around it will get locked up.  It came with a very nice gun lock with a key and everything.  I hope this story as “made your day” and you know you must learn to protect yourself and never find yourself a victim of a violent crime ever. Overall I think there are really good people in this world but there are also some really nasty characthers.  Have a safe and great life.

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