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Posted on October 11th, 2016 by Dr. Nancy

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Kristin Andress

Gifted storyteller and Leading Women co-author Kristin Andress invites you to enter an allegorical world to discover yourself in the characters that she portrays in her new book, Be Good for Goodness Sake. She and Dr. Nancy reminisce about childhood and small town neighborhoods that still exist today – where people’s kindness and support for one another ripples through the community in the spirit of love and goodness.
The core of Kristin’s message in her book and in this conversation is that how we show up in our world is a choice. We can choose to be judgmental and critical or we can lift each other up. Part of being good is really looking at other people and seeing beyond the physical appearances and superficial behavior to the story inside that makes us who we are.

We Can All Love One Another

be-good-bookcoverKristin says that humanity does have the ability to love one another. Even our differences show how similar we are.  She told a story about when she went to Bangladesh and how happy and welcoming they were to her and her friend. Dr. Nancy talked about her experience in Africa, when one person experienced success, everyone in the village reveled in their triumph. The cultural differences and kind, loving behavior amidst the relative abject poverty impressed both women, showing them how people can honor their humanity. Even though our messages in the United States seem to be the opposite of these, Kristin said that when she returns home, she kisses the earth. She loves America and the freedoms it allows, but wants to do her part to help us understand how different it would be if we would remember the old adage, “be good for goodness sake.”

Good Begets Good

Whatever you’re feeling, you create it in others. An important part of Kristin’s message is that a large portion of who you become and what you create in this world results from how you pursue your passion. If you pursue it from a place of love, you create more of the same. This does not have to be something big, your mission in life, it can be how you respond to the people you meet. A small smile or just really looking at and complimenting someone can transform their day, and yours.
Kristin mentions the irony of her writing a book about goodness when she was actually a naughty child. But she also explains that goodness starts with you. You have to behave with goodness toward yourself and believe you are a good and loving person. Then when you encounter someone who is misbehaving, you are unlikely to spread that negativity along.
Listen to this interview for more inspirational ideas and to learn more about this little book of self-discovery, and what Kristin hopes you will experience by the end of reading Be Good for Goodness Sake. Check out her website to find out more about how Kristin helps people leave a legacy through her business, Andress Consulting.

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