Increase Your Earning Power

Posted on September 17th, 2010 by Maggie Castrey

Follow these steps for increasing your earning power. Provided by the Ozarks Alliance of Professional Organizations.

Job Performance
Get employer expectations in writing.
Ask for feedback between performance evaluations.
Document your performance.
Ask for evaluations and disciplinary actions in writing.
Take criticism seriously.
Work to correct problems.
Ask for specifics on pay ranges.
Benchmark your efforts by talking to friends outside your office to learn pay ranges for similar jobs and in your market.
Ask how you can be more valuable to your organization.
Ask for specifics on what you should be doing to earn pay increases.
Be willing to learn new skills.
Take on new assignments.
Do the extra 10 percent.
Upgrade your knowledge of your industry through training.
Take advantage of tuition reimbursement programs.
Monitor how you conduct yourself with supervisors and colleagues outside your specific job.
Don’t gossip, complain or exert negative influence.
Avoid habitual tardiness or taking too much sick time.
Personal Development
Help others help you through networking and mentorships.
Don’t ally yourself too closely with one supervisor or mentor.
Know what you want.
Learn your strengths and maximize them.
Learn your weaknesses and minimize them.
Set priorities for what’s most important in your life and career.
Be flexible and open to new opportunities.
Prepare to be lucky.
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