Leading Women Co-Author Releases New Book and Documentary

Women Like UsMarch is a busy month for my Leading Women co-author Linda Rendleman. Not only does it see the release of her third book, Women Like Us – Together Changing the World, but also the premier of the documentary it inspired, Women Like Us – Three Journeys. One Mission. To Change the World, which is showing at the Los Angeles Women’s Film Festival on March 25.
“Women Like Us” – the film is a call-to-action for women everywhere as they join together and use their innate skills of compassion, courage, and voices to confront injustices and promote equality and education for all humanity. The film follows three women on a moving journey of exploration. Throughout their travels, you’ll experience their personal journeys of adversity and evolution, and witness the unimaginable social injustices women face around the globe.
Film producer Sally Colon-Petree and award-winning journalist Catt Sadler joined Linda to travel the US and Kenya and engage in conversations with over fourteen astounding women. The filmmakers impart valuable lessons learned from powerful role models such as Ida Odinga, former First Lady of Kenya; Caroline Barnett, cofounder of the Los Angeles Dream Center; CNN Hero Robin Emmons; Dianne Hudson, executive producer of the Oprah Winfrey show and many more.
Linda says that screenings of the film in tandem with book signings at locations across the country are being planned in an effort to create awareness, discussion and action for change through women’s leadership. One event is planned in Los Angeles in May, and another in Indianapolis in July.
Women Like Us – Together Changing the World focuses on the stories of well-known and little-known women who are coming together in their own way with their own voices to speak up for the vulnerable, link arms with compassion and connection, and share how the reader, in her own way, can be part of the change. I was honored to be able to contribute to this project, and share some of the lessons learned and insights gained along the way.
“I was honored to have Dr. Nancy O’Reilly as one of the authors,” Linda said. “Her story, and the stories of 18 other women, serve as a message to women and girls everywhere that yes, you too can reach out and make an impact in the world on whatever level and however you decide.”
Linda is an award-winning speaker and an author who focuses on sharing motivating and uplifting strategies to support women to be the best that they can be. Her first book, Women Like Us – Real Stories and Strategies for Living your Best Life, was published eight years ago, and was the impetus for the Women Like Us Foundation. She quickly followed that book project with Women Like Us – Illuminating the World.
The Women Like Us Foundation is committed to sustaining women’s leadership through creating awareness of women-led initiatives and granting funds. Operating under the mission of promoting gender equality and social justice through women’s leadership, increasing awareness and offering stability in key areas led by women, the Foundation envisions an educated world with equality for all individuals and collectively coming together in support of social justice. To find out more about the Women Like Us Foundation, click HERE.

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