Leading Women Win The World Cup

Posted on July 14th, 2015 by Melissa

stockxpertcom_id27103831_jpg_affa09560f7d5ddb4e1dc1b8ba634151If you watched the recent Women’s World Cup Final, you saw some amazing leading women on the field. As Leslie Grossman pointed out on her Leadership Blog, they radiated leadership during the finals from the very first second of play. Like her, I could feel the energy coming right through the TV screen. And the traits they demonstrated, we can all learn from and put to use in our own lives.
What traits did they bring to the field? The first thing Grossman noticed was focus, and the team, in mind, body and spirit, was totally focused on its primary goal – to win the World Cup. As my Leading Women co-author Sandra Ford Walston writes, focus can be achieved by exploring and understanding the internal terrain of your courage. By quieting the mind and allowing yourself to focus on a goal you will realize that you know your true self better than you let on and be more likely to hit the target every time.
Confidence is the second trait Grossman pointed out. There is no doubt that the U.S. team was confident, and their focus clearly contributed to that. Leadership is born from that confidence. My Leading Women co-author Lois P. Frankel writes that women who behave according to the messages they received in childhood have a particularly difficult time assuming leadership roles and doing it effectively. However, stepping fully away from the childhood messages into a confident adulthood can position any woman to be a phenomenal leader, like these leading women just proved to the world.
The final trait Grossman noticed was collaboration. Collaboration is an incredibly valuable skill in today’s world. At its core, collaboration is what happens when two or more people work together to achieve shared goals and a common purpose – like winning the World Cup. We can all use that skill, both on and off the field. In fact, when we connect, share ideas, and combine resources, we can change the world. Magic happens when we collaborate. We’re influenced by each other’s take on things and ideas begin to evolve. We draw from each other’s energy and something entirely new is born, often far greater than anything that one person could have come up with alone.
When we focus on our goals, pursue them with confidence, and collaborate with others – we win BIG. When women reach out and connect with each other, it not only helps each woman step into her own power, it changes their lives, and ultimately it can help us change the world. Together we create our greatest impact and truly make the difference to transform our lives and the world we live in. Look what the U.S. team just proved – women working together can win BIG!

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