Lift Women Up in the New Year!


It takes only one woman to support and encourage another woman. Picture the faces of those who helped you along the way. You owe it to them—and to yourself—to do the same. – Dr. Nancy O’Reilly                

At Women Connect4Good, our mission is simple: women (and men) supporting women. Period. When we work together, we ignite our power to create real change. Right now, gender equity does not exist, and as we work towards it, we must be advocates for each other. We must raise our voices to speak up for the women whose voices may otherwise go unheard. We must speak kind words to each other and encourage one another when we can. We must support each other in our homes and offices, acting as advisors, mentors, and friends. One way we can do that is by lifting women up.

Lifting women up doesn’t stop with an idea — since launching in 2020 it has gained so much momentum, it has become a movement.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the 2022 Lift List!  A free checklist with 52 weeks of brand-new, simple actions that will help you step into your power, increase your impact, and build an environment where every person is valued, respected, and equally compensated.

Whether you’re prompted to “educate yourself and others about women’s accomplishments” or “reach out with your time and talent to help another woman” or “support women-owned businesses” the 2022 Lift List outlines the steps we need to take to help another woman rise. The List also spreads the word about the need for women to lift on another up, while reminding us that the first woman we need to lift is ourselves. Once we’ve done that, we can lift others from a stronger, more centered place.

The 2022 Lift List tasks fall under a number of categories including Women in Leadership, Women and the Pay Gap, Supporting Diversity & Inclusion, Supporting the Next Generation, and more. Each category includes a number of ways that we can educate and empower our daughters, ourselves, our friends and colleagues, and the women who currently (and soon will) lead the way. The Lift List also links to a number of fantastic resources, several of Women Connect4Good’s partners and organizations where you can make a difference.

As we regain our footing in these uncertain times, it’s important to remember that small changes add up, and when steps are taken by many women in support of each other, we can create massive ripples of change that lift up the world. Download your list and lift another woman up today—there are a thousand ways to do it. Reach out, listen to a story, share your own story and make a connection. Every single one of us can create change just by showing up.  We can do it together.


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