Lift Women UP

Our Mission

Our history is built on our work as powerful leaders, passionate advocates, skilled fundraisers, and dedicated forces for change. Today, we’re perfectly positioned to become leaders in the communities we call home, in the workplace, and in the world. Each and every one of us has the capacity to drive change – it starts with us coming together to #LiftWomenUp.

We can:

Support women running for office with our time, treasure or talent.

Sponsor, mentor, or help a woman get her foot in the door at work.

Work together to close the pay gap and raise women and girls out of poverty.

Train and elevate women to leadership positions.

Engage our #maleallies to build an environment where every person – regardless of gender – is valued, respected, and equally compensated.

We can do all of this and more – together.

True gender equity does not currently exist, and as we work towards it, we must be advocates for each other.

We must raise our voices to speak up for the women whose voices may otherwise go unheard.

We must speak kind words to each other and encourage one another when we can.

We must support each other in our homes and offices, acting as advisors, mentors and friends.

Lifting women up isn’t just an idea — it’s a movement.

Download The Lift List and arm yourself with 52 weeks of simple actions that will help you step into your power, increase your impact, and build an environment where every person is valued, respected, and equally compensated. Our action goes further together.

About Dr. Nancy

“When we support other women and lift as we go, anything is possible.” – Dr. Nancy, International Philanthropist, Author, and Trailblazer for Women’s Empowerment

Dr. Nancy O’Reilly knows that she would not be where she is today without the help and support of the women she has met along the way. That’s why she has made it her life’s work to support other women and educate women and men about the importance of gender equality. When women support one another, we can create massive ripples of change that create better lives for everyone. This change begins when together, we lift women up.

Join the Movement and Lift Women Up

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