Moxy Women are taking care of the world

Posted on January 16th, 2012 by Dr. Nancy

Moxy Women are taking care of the worldIt is not often you meet someone who you just click with and as they say “are on the same page” with you. I have been blessed so many times I have stopped counting. I have been surrounding myself with smart, amazing women for over 10 years and in the last three years.  Not surprising,  I found some there are a lot of really smart, savvy women out there.  I began my radio show “Timeless Women Speak” over three years ago.  This is a radio show for women and about women, especially smart, amazing women who really want to help other women be at their best.  What I mean “women being at their best” is being a  woman who take care of her finances, she  takes care of her health and fitness and she has good strong, healthy relationships (that includes herself). She does not let her age define who she is or allows it to block her in any way. She is passionate and wants to make her mark by making a difference in other women’s well-being and understands the value of having a sisterhood to truly flourish.

I want to introduce you to one I think you will enjoy knowing.  She is what  she calls herself a MOXY WOMAN.

You may be asking what is a Moxy Woman??

I asked Jean that very guestion and she gave me words to describe a Moxy Woman (fiesty, passionate, dedicated, loyal, full of life) and on and on.  I call  Jean Harper, the CEO and Founder of Women Taking Care of the World the first and the original Moxy Woman.  She said she started this amazing group of amazing women to bring them together to help women all over the world. So comes the title “Women Taking Care of the World“. 

She is determined that all women understand their own uniqueness and inner beauty and personal power. She has dedicated her life and made this her mission for her sister.  Her sister was a victim of domestic violence and recently died of cancer.  Her sister was beautiful person but lived with violence and was not able to truly experience her own inner beauty and power. Jean explains, she was unable to free herself from feeling unworthy and that she lived each day in fear. Jean says no woman in her lifetime should feel this way and she is out to make sure what happened to her sister never happens to another woman.

Sadly, domestic violence continues to be a major social issue that is often ignored, denied and continues to grow.  Jean is fighting that each and everyday and is recruiting Moxy Women to join in her battle and crusade to change the world for women to feel really special about themselves.

I am proud to say Jean Harper contacted me and gave me the title of being a Moxy Woman. I have never been prouder to tell people I am a Moxy Woman and the neat thing about it  the Women Speak Project is also about bringing smart, amazing women together to help other women.  Jean and many other smart, amazing, moxy women are joining forces and we want you to come along. We want to hear what you have to say, how you want to help or be helped.

Together there is nothing women cannot accomplish

I do not want to hear these words and I hope you do not want to hear them either. I do not want to hear….”first woman to………….”.  I want there to be no more barriers for women no matter what their age or circumstances. 

You can learn more about Jean Harper and being a Moxy Woman at  Please join Jean and I and lets all be “women taking care of the world”.  I want to personally thank Jean Harper for her vision, her passion and her unselfishness and her deep dedication to women and making sure they have better lives. Bravo Jean…You go Moxy Woman!!

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