Say Yes and Find Your Destiny for Good

Posted on January 3rd, 2017 by Dr. Nancy

The Profit Accellerator

Allyson Bird

Founder of Money Movers International, LLC, Allyson Byrd, echoes Mother Teresa’s advice, “Say yes” and be open to possibilities; use your gifts and talents to create a world you can love and enjoy, where you can thrive in goodness and where miracles rise to meet you over and over again. Nothing is too big or too impossible for Allyson Byrd. She is known as The Profit Accelerator, because that is exactly what she does for clients.  In the past 18 months, Allyson and her team have coached over 485 entrepreneurial leaders to create over 16.9 million dollars in NEW revenue.

Reason for Success is Love

Allyson says that every statistic would have charted her to fail in life. A black girl in the South, raised by a single mother, dropped out of school at 15, and whose last image of her father at the age of four was in handcuffs as they put him in prison. When she looks around at the life she is living now, she says that all they had was love. It was the one constant in her life. She didn’t know how to make money, save money, or grow money. Attaining wealth was unimaginable.
The etymological root of love is to believe and find value. Through her reading and her work, Allyson learned to find value in purpose and began the business, The Purpose Within, to help people find value in their work. Allyson says that 66% of people in our society feel invisible, undervalued, unnecessary and like their voice isn’t being heard. After that basic beginning, she moved on to helping people become tremendous leaders in their field. She helps them amplify their voices, many on a global scale.

Money is a Tool to Make Things Better

Allyson and Dr. Nancy agree that women have issues getting  past the “money thing.” Allyson says 80% of her audience are women leaders who haven’t figured out how to be brave enough to be paid handsomely for what they do. Allyson urges people to accept the money – even if you just give it away – take it, don’t waste it. Her company has built schools in Africa, founded sports camps in third world countries, worked to stop the hunger crisis in North America, provided funding to fight human trafficking, and much more. She never knew she could create so much wealth, so she encourages everyone to be unapologetic and unleash their talents to be a power for good.

Allyson hopes this year will be the year everyone says yes. Check out her website and go to to find out more about how others have benefited from Allyson’s wisdom. Listen to this conversation for more insights to help women learn how empowering it is when they say yes to a life that’s high on contribution and low on fear. Then go on up to the next level and sign up for Allyson’s next Unconference wait list. Click here to pre-register.

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