Self Promotion Can Backfire in the Workplace

Posted on November 9th, 2011 by Maggie Castrey

Self Promotion Backfires

To get a raise you need to self-promote, but self-promoting women may experience backlash in the workplace.

What can I do to keep my self-promotion from backfiring?

How to Avoid Self Promotion BacklashThe website has some answers.

“The characteristics we associate with success, including confidence and competitiveness, are seen as stereotypically masculine. Characteristics that are seen as stereotypically feminine, like communality and selflessness, not only don’t overlap with the characteristics we associate with success — in many cases, they’re actually mutually exclusive. A woman who trumpets her own achievements is violating the expectation that she is community-oriented rather than focused on individual reward, which can lead to bias and discrimination.”

  1. Highlight your team
  2. Have others praise you
  3. Use “stealth” to promote accomplishment
  4. Package your success as help for others

Self Promotion Without Backlash

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