Women and Children Are Abused Each Day

Posted on March 15th, 2010 by Dr. Nancy

You know I often hear someone say “I thought we solved that problem”.  Well the incidence and problem of domestic violence and child abuse has not been solved and still exists.  In fact to be honest the numbers continue to increase.  The ever increasing numbers do not reflect that many women do not report the abuse and women and chidren are still dying. I think we need to get up off our fannies and do more to end this problem. I love to hear when I find someone who is willing to do just that. Here is Melanie’s story:

I recently received a note from Melanie Luke. Melanie is a women making a difference for other women. She is 3rd year nursing student at the University of Ontario.  She saw things that made her angry, made her want to speak out …so we are going to help her to do just that.  She is first of all wanting the City of London to wake up and help them with their women’s shelter.  The Women’s Community House (WCH) is located in London, Ontario and provides emergency shelter, second stage housing, and transitional support for abused women and their children. They need help and want to send out an appeal.  I know for a fact this is only one of many shelters that need help and almost every community has a shelter that is housing these victims of violence.

The reports indicate there is rise in all types of abuse, the economy has not helped and we need to help when and where we can.  Here is Melanie Luke’s contact information: mluke@uwo.ca.  Contact her, join her and help her find the needed support for this important shelter.  We cannot let these women and children suffer in silence.  If you are a victim of domestic violence you have a hotline in your community….call it and/or have someone you trust help you. We can all help and prevent and end this problem. Oh by the way it does not matter what your social status, your education, your religion or how much money you have…abuse is blind and affects all walks of life.  Help a woman or child you suspect is a victim of abuse. Lastly, if you are a victim of abuse do not feel guilty and you did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment….you have worth, value and you matter to us all.

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