Women and War

Posted on November 9th, 2011 by Maggie Castrey

Women Have to Empower ThemselvesWar Redefined is the capstone of a 5-part series on public television. Many interviews are available on the PBS website as transcripts or podcasts.
Interviews with female Secretaries of State and others “reveal how the post-Cold War proliferation of small arms has changed the landscape of war, with women becoming primary targets and suffering unprecedented casualty rates.
Simultaneously, they describe how women are emerging as necessary partners in brokering lasting peace and as leaders in forging new international laws governing conflict.”

Women and children are the primary casualties of war in today’s world

In previous generations, most casualties were men.

“Women themselves have to empower themselves,” said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a PBS interview. She described the many ways women are changing the course of war in their countries. “They can’t wait for somebody to point to them and say, ‘Now you must be a leader and you must go forth and try to end this conflict.’ It has to come from within.”

What has changed about war today?

A recent 5-part PBS series explores what’s changed about war today and how women have and can change the situation.

  • Read Hillary Clinton’s interview
  • Read Gloria Steinem’s podcast on rape as a weapon of war.
    Rape was only defined as a war crime a decade ago.


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