Women Friendships

author and gender studies instructorHow do you get along with other women? Do you have healthy, rewarding friendships or do you have a gnawing fear that you might be betrayed?

 Susan Shapiro Barash says that you could have both and she categorized the types of female friends you might have in her book, Toxic Friends. Susan teaches gender studies at Marymount Manhattan College. She says that the back-stabbing and mean girl syndrome comes from a fear that there’s not enough pie in our patriarchal society. Part culture and part nurture, we women compete and interact differently than men.

 Susan has written 12 books to date about different kinds of female relationships, including mothers and daughters, covert rivalry and very best friends.

 Dr. Nancy and Susan discuss how women can create more success for all women by supporting each other, working together and taking the time to mentor younger women


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