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Posted on September 16th, 2014 by Dr. Nancy

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Cheryl Benton

When New York City marketing professional Cheryl Benton started feeling ignored by mass marketing, she put her foot down. Then she started a little hobby to empower women who were feeling as invisible as she was.
TheThreeTomatoes.com started as a newsletter for 60 of  Cheryl’s midlife women-friends and contained subjects they talked about: where to go for dinner and have a conversation, where to get fashionable clothes that aren’t tailored for teenagers and other topics about living a good life as a grownup in NYC. Now, eight years later, Three Tomatoes is a thriving enterprise with over 12,000 subscribers, knowledgeable contributors and a new-in -2103 West Coast branch in LA.

Expert Leaders Co-Author Exciting New Book for Women

Dr. Nancy and Cheryl discuss how things were different when they started their careers. There were no other women to mentor them or serve as role models. Even though a woman has yet to occupy the top spot politically in the U.S., Cheryl points out that many women are serving on boards and making their voices heard.
leading-women-cover-150In fact, Cheryl points out that today when she looks around at groups of women, she thinks, “There’s a new boy’s group in town and it’s called the women’s power group.” She has a bird’s eye view of the situation in NYC, where she sees even traditionally male dominated fields, like finance, forming networking groups to support women and help them up the ladder.
Cheryl is also excited about having collaborated on the book, Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business and Life. Dr. Nancy brought together 20 accomplished women as co-authors who have unique individual perspectives to share. Cheryl says that this has never been done before and she welcomes the opportunity to share her viewpoints about women’s equality in her chapter, “You Don’t Have to Be a Feminist to Support Women’s Equality.”

Passion and Vision to Empower Women

As past president of the NY Metro Chapter of  US National Committee for UN Women and current board member, Cheryl is passionate about women’s responsibility to help other women. Whether it’s by serving as mentor or sharing our life skills and expertise in this country or reaching out to women in countries where their safety and rights are completely marginalized, we must help our sisters. Many women are doing just that. Dr. Nancy is planning a trip to Ethiopia and participating as a sponsor for the Convoy of Hope Women’s Empowerment Initiative. Cheryl tells a story about a woman she knows who has sponsored the building of wells and schools in Cambodia. Women are reaching out and sharing their wealth and good fortune more than ever before, but there is much more to be done.

More on Women Empowerment

Empowering Grown Up WomenCheck out the website for UN Women and their plans for the 20th year commemoration of the Beijing Conference where Hillary Clinton announced, “Human rights are women’s rights.” To date 189 countries pledged to do more and they have, but Cheryl says with 200 Nigerian girls still missing, there is much more work still to be done. Listen to this interview for much more information about the passion of these two leading women to help others and check out TheThreeTomatoes.com. It’s free and will let you know what the Tomatoes in LA and NYC are doing to live highly fulfilling and empowered lives.


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