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Posted on November 22nd, 2016 by Dr. Nancy

CEO of Transform Your Performance

Regina Huber

Today, Transformational Leadership Coach Regina Huber speaks five languages and has 18 years of corporate business experience in six countries. But she had to build her self-confidence to get where she is today, CEO of her own company, Transform Your Performance, and helping other women to speak up and stand out. As a shy little girl from a small village in Germany, she only knew she wanted to go somewhere else. Each leg of her journey produced new challenges and worlds different from any she had known. Along the way she learned how to manage people and what prohibited so many women from speaking up and standing out.
speak-up-stand-out-and-shine-bookRegina thinks there is a prevailing belief among many women that they are somehow not enough. They don’t feel they have enough power or skill or what they have to say isn’t important enough to speak up. That’s why she developed her company and wrote the book, Speak Up, Stand Out and Shine – Speak Powerfully in Any Situation, to help women build self-confidence and step into their best professional selves and their role as leaders.

Leaders Don’t Blend In; They Stand Out

Women are raised by their parents to blend in. They will never become leaders with that mindset. As long as we blend in, others will get the promotions. Leaders don’t blend in; they stand out. They distinguish themselves to become recognized as leaders. When we see ourselves as unique individuals, we recognize our value and don’t feel the need to compete any more. We each have our unique ideas and strengths to bring to the table. Speaking out and expressing those ideas can bring about support and collaboration from our peers, be they women or men.

The Role of Power In Making Your Voice Heard

Regina recently became a Take the Lead Women Leadership Ambassador, certified to teach Gloria Feldt’s signature “9 Power Tools Program” along with her own curriculum. She said the two programs are perfectly aligned. In her Transform Your Performance program, she refers to it as “inner power,” while Gloria calls it “the power to.” Both refer to the power necessary to accomplish what you set out to do and both encompass making your voice heard.
To illustrate how difficult that is for women, Regina told a story about a woman who had met a male fellow worker in a meeting where she was the only woman. A few weeks later, she met him in the hall and mentioned that it was nice to see him again and he replied that it was nice to meet her. He didn’t even remember her being in the meeting. Women must strategize ways to become visible, to make their ideas memorable and to use their feminine strengths to make themselves heard as women. Business needs the yin and yang balance to be successful in the same manner as our families and communities do.

Free Gifts for Audience

Regina offers four videos to guests of Dr. Nancy O’Reilly and Women Connect4Good, which include tips from “Powerful Leadership Transformation” (PLT), her signature system that focuses on an empowering mindset, your distinctive uniqueness, a body-conscious presence that results in effective action. These gifts are available at transformyourperformance.com/pltvideos or you can e-mail Regina.
Listen to this interview for more information about how Regina’s love of dance led her journey and how she and Dr. Nancy feel about the benefits of diversity in business and life. Check out more of Regina’s website for insightful ideas for overcoming a lack of self-confidence and ways to transform your performance.

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