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Posted on December 6th, 2016 by Dr. Nancy

penney_peirceAlthough our culture has denigrated women’s intuition as hocus-pocus for years, in today’s accelerated information age, it is finally becoming recognized as a powerful tool.  Award-winning author and pioneer of the intuition development movement, Penney Peirce advises people to wake up and use their intuition to make their lives easier and more successful. Our world is moving so fast now that there is no time to analyze the data to reach a conclusion. Our intuition is much more accessible and immediate, and when we use it in conjunction with our left brain thinking, we can not only keep pace, but work in the flow of our natural abilities.

Benefits of Non-linear Thinking

leap_of_perception_bookWomen understand the usefulness of intuition. It allows them to see the big picture all at once. Penney says the way the world works today, time is actually non-linear. We’re reaching the point where the past and the future is all in the present moment. Penney says we’re moving toward a leap into the “Intuition Age.” We have to let go of the security of the slow, linear, logical brain function. Her newest award-winning book in her “Transformation Trilogy” is The Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Perception.  It explains how to integrate left brain and right brain processes by focusing your attention to make it more conscious. It also provides exercises to help you practice and develop skills to recognize and access infinite possibilities.
This is such a big change that it is frightening to some people.  But Penney says it’s like developing a new habit and she explains the techniques in ways that can be easily understood and practiced to incorporate into everyday life. It’s not limited to women. Everyone is born with intuition. Women have more fibrous brain tissue that allows for thinking from both left and right sides of the brain. But by observing your thoughts and validating how you achieved a goal, you can develop powerful intuitive skills. She says to keep it simple. For example, think about a dinner you prepared for guests that was delicious and a great success. Congratulate yourself that you did it and use it to support your next project. Penney predicts that group-think with intuition will be responsible for the most creative outcomes of the future.

How to Overcome Fear and Find Your True Self

Listen to this conversation for more information from Penney about how she accesses her center and why this is important to developing your intuition. She provides more information about how world-wide change compels us to change or be left behind. Check out her website for more information about her nine books, including the full Transformation Trilogy and other programs at penneypeirce.com.

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