Six Ways Women Helping Women Matters

helpfulnewsIt’s not every woman for herself in the world today. In fact, more and more women are reaching out and helping other women gain self-confidence with them. Women today are becoming aware of the importance of asking for help, as well as empowering other women.

Women Mentors

Building strong support systems, women are mentoring one another while connecting in the business workplace and the community. Successful women are guiding others through the ranks and helping them with their own experience. After all, it’s a proven fact that women can benefit from a female mentor who has knowledge and experience. They can show them “the ropes.” The mentor can be a guide, a role model and a good adviser.

Find out six things that you can do today to help another woman at Cosmopolitan.


Women’s Smarts Growing Faster Than Men’s

Trend4Here’s news that should help build women’s self confidence and increase women empowerment! Women are developing greater cognitive skills faster than men. According to a study published this week, the gap in cognitive gender differences is narrowing. Although the gap is unlikely to go away completely, the change reflects our cultural perceptions of men’s and women’s intelligence. Basically, women were lagging behind not for lack of ability – just a lack of opportunity.
As one of the study’s co-authors explained, the new findings agree with previous studies that show men tend to have a greater number skills while women tend to have better episodic memory, as well as intuitive and analytical thinking.
Everyone gets smarter when their living conditions improve, but women get smarter faster. It’s what we’ve always known – when women have equal access to opportunity, they soar!
Read more from Salon.

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Self Confidence, Persistence, and Going Around Obstacles Among Keys to 8 Women Entrepreneurs’ Success

Are women who own small business still far behind their male counterparts when it comes to getting loans and government contracts?

Together We Can Help All Women Succeed

News4Success is not just about taking a seat at the table, it’s about believing that if you say or do the wrong thing, you will bounce back and try again. In fact, growth is difficult if not impossible when you see failure as a pronouncement of your potential. That’s why we all need to work together to realize the importance of self confidence.

Mindsets About Our Abilities

People can adopt one of two mindsets about their abilities. Those with a “fixed mindset” believe their basic intelligence cannot be improved, and often they see their inability to master a challenge as a sign that they simply don’t have what it takes to succeed. They may then opt for a safer path, and choose work that is less fulfilling. By contrast, people with a “growth mindset” think their abilities can be improved with hard work, sustained effort, strategy and mentoring. They are drawn to a challenge, and will persist despite setbacks—or even because of them.

Are some girls and women more likely to have a fixed mindset?

If so, how can we reverse that and raise their self-confidence, enabling them to be strong, empowered women?

Source: CNN

women-helping-women2 Tips for Getting Mentally Tough Menopause or Crazy

Women Are Being Penalized for Promoting Diversity

News5The news is in, and we have work to do! Today white males are outnumbered by women and minorities two to one in the workforce, but they still make up the vast majority of executives. Why? It could be because women and minorities are being penalized for hiring or promoting members of their own group.

Researchers have found that when minorities and women behave in a way that calls attention to their race or gender —by advancing others like them — it separates them from other white male leaders, which causes them to be devalued by their peers. It’s a problem that only seems to occur only in management and on executive levels. Women and minorities were given high performance ratings when they promoted diversity at a low level.

Women are breaking down the barriers

During the past few years, women have made tremendous strides in breaking down barriers. That means that we need to work together to reverse this trend too, and empower women in the workforce on every level!

Source: Forbes

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Maria Shriver Launches “Shriver Corps”

WStrend1Last week was the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty, and to mark the occasion The Shriver Corps emerged as a new national service partnership utilizing AmeriCorps VISTA members to lift people out of poverty in low-income communities across the country. Partners in the launch include A Woman’s Nation, The Corporation for National and Community Service, LIFT, and Bank of America.
The Shriver AmeriCorps Fellows will be right on the front lines helping to build solutions for real issues that low-income families face. These issues––like hunger, homelessness, health care, and unemployment—require financial tools and knowledge if families are to move forward. The Shriver Corps will train volunteers to help poor Americans connect with programs they’re entitled to but that they may not be aware of — everything from tax credits and food stamps to employment, health and child care assistance.
Maria Shriver has said she was also inspired to create the corps by work she did on women’s issues and with families in need when she was first lady of California. Another great example of how women are increasingly using their life experiences to help other women! Read more from PR Web

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All Women Are Feminists

WSTrend2In the news and across social media channels, it’s easy to see that currently there is adistinct backlash against feminism, not to mention an often-profound misunderstanding. Feminism has become the new “F” word, and it’s up to any person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes to reclaim it.

What Does a Feminist NOT Mean?

  • That you hate men
  • That you are a victim or don’t own up to your own mistakes
  • That you must chose between your heart and your brain
  • That you are entitled to special privileges
  • That you don’t think men have issues too

Being a feminist means that you have choices, and believe in women’s equality. It also means that you have the freedom to define yourself. Because of feminism, and the resulting empowerment of women, our voices can be heard. Together we can help one another achieve our goals and make the world a better, more balanced place. Read more from Huffington Post

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Finally, Serious Women Are Standing Up for Fashion Magazines

DNONews2It’s not just stories that women have to share that are making the news lately; it’s where they choose to share it. Most recently, Politico declared that “women’s magazines demean powerful women — even when they’re trying to celebrate them,” a dynamic Politico referred to as “the princess effect.”

Dismissing women’s magazines and their concerns as inherently trivial perpetuates sexism in a different way. That’s why it’s so heartening to see some powerful women (like former New York Times editor Jill Abramson) siding with the supposedly demeaning lady magazines — and publicly defending that choice. After all, why should we consider clothes and childcare such insulting topics in the first place? Why shouldn’t those conversations coexist with ambition and professional accomplishments?

Are Women’s “Outside the Office” Interests as Important as Mens?

If we really want to talk honestly about ‘having it all’, we need to start by according a woman’s many interests outside the office the same deference we do a man’s. And that’s only fair: A male politician’s interest in sports makes him relate-able, not lightweight!  Read more from The Cut.

Seven Women On How To Become Better Leaders With Age

DNONews1The news is in, and like red wine and cheese, innovation and women leaders get better with age!

Does Success Come with Age?

In a youth obsessed culture the advancements of people over the age of 40 are seldom recognized, much less celebrated. However, one researcher recently found that a lifetime of learning leads people to make greater breakthroughs between ages 55-65. Data from the Kauffmann Foundation backs that up: people over 55 are almost twice as likely to found successful companies as people between 20 and 34.

Advancements of Older Women

It’s even rarer to hear of the advancements made by older women. So we were delighted to learn about Forty Over 40. It’s an initiative that celebrates women who are reinventing, disrupting and making an impact in a variety of industries including the arts, law, retail, health care, and tech.

Read these fantastic interviews with seven of the women honored this year; each with a leadership style that proves mid-life means anything but the down side of over-the-hill at Fast Company.

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