How Sheroes Promote Positive Change for Women

Posted on April 6th, 2021 by Cathy Evans

Dr. Barbara Walker-Green says that all women are sheroes and when we come together to promote positive change for women, we create collective power. That power will become “the inevitable rise of the shero nation,” which is also the title of her new book. She was inspired to write about this rise while doing her doctoral research in business management. Dr. Barbara says that her father taught her to be accountable for what you do and do the best you can every day of your life. If we all do our best, accept accountability for it—right or wrong, and unite together as sheroes, we will create positive change not only for ourselves and other women, but for everyone.

We don’t have to do anything to become sheroes. Dr. Barbara says, “We are innately sheroes. We were born sheroes.” No specific qualities or actions are required. She says that whether a woman is quietly raising her family and working to provide for them, or is more visible and using her celebrity to create change, we’re all sheroes. What we face on a daily basis is a culture that describes us as weak and emotional and has us convinced that we need powerful men to lead us. None of that is true. Dr. Barbara says that when we shed “the noise” that bombards us daily, we understand our own power and can use it to promote good and support each other in the Shero Nation.

The Inevitable Rise of the Shero Nation

Dr. Barbara’s new book, The Inevitable Rise of the Shero Nation, is a call to action for women to understand their worth and come together to make positive change. She says that her book reaches out to that silent shero who is caring for elderly parents or babysitting when she really doesn’t want to. That amazing shero doesn’t realize the impact she has on others. Dr. Barbara says, “You carry a torch inside of you as a female that only a female carries–nothing against men. It’s not about that. It’s about understanding and shining and allowing your light to shine, for what the Lord has put into you to be able to give to the world. And just do it the best that you can.” She explains that we aren’t all going to agree, that we’re supposed to be different and walking in our own truth, but by uplifting one another, working together, and promoting positive change for women, we create a Shero Nation to support everyone.

Overcoming Challenges We Face

Listen to this conversation to find out how Dr. Barbara describes “the glass cliff” that women CEOs face when promoted to that top position in a troubled Fortune 500 company. In her book, she writes about the successes and failures of these women leaders, and warns women not to try to join “the old boy network.” She is not bashing men and is grateful for the men who also support the Shero Nation. It’s not about men at all, it’s about women, seeing themselves and their success by acknowledging our God-given talents and using them to do our best, “standing side by side” to create a better world.

She invites you to join and find ways you can contribute to the rise of the Shero Nation on her website,, and explains that the extension, “.life” was intentional. Dr. Barbara describes the Nation as a lifestyle, not just a movement trying to penetrate the male organizational culture. She says, “That’s the point of what we are doing, create a female organizational structure that we feel proud about and that we embrace as women—as emotional creatures. There’s power in emotion.” Dr. Barbara and Dr. Nancy agree when women come together there is power in their unity, absolute power to promote positive change.

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