How to Help Women Win

Posted on November 11th, 2011 by Cathy Evans

Founder and editor of FA SO LA News

Shirley Osborne found the answer when a 14 year old girl said, “When every girl succeeds, every woman wins.” Adopting this powerful message as her personal mission statement, Shirley has dedicated her talents and energy to empowering girls and women by spreading knowledge about themselves and their possibilities in life. Her most ambitious effort is currently, FA SO LA News Magazine, which tells the news of women around the world.

Born and raised on the small island, Montserrat in the West Indies, Shirley had a limited view of the world. But she was fortunate to be raised to learn and become whatever she wanted. Educated at Simmons College in Boston, she learned social responsibility and a commitment to the empowerment of women.

Shirley took that information back to her island home and found that she liked mentoring young girls. She has continued that work in Arizona with many projects, including The Girls Education Project and now she is reaching out to women around the world. With FA SO LA, Shirley passes on her mother’s advice “to know” all you can. With knowledge, you can do anything.

Hear more inspiring words from Dr. Nancy and Shirley Osborn, two women who are working very hard to help other women.


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