Love Unconditionally

Posted on January 17th, 2011 by Cathy Evans

Bestselling Author and International Speaker

Marci Shimoff

What was the happiest time in your life? How would you like to create that state of pure joy every minute of every day?
Marci Shimoff says she was happiest when she was falling in love. Marci should know. Her earlier book, Happy for No Reason was a #1 New York Times Best Seller and has been translated into 31 languages so far. She has also co-authored six Chicken Soup books and is one of the top best-selling authors world-wide.
After writing Happy for No Reason, Marci says she went from being basically unhappy to about an A- on the happy scale. She wanted to go farther. As she traveled around the world, she found people who radiated love and she became curious about how they did it. She interviewed 150 “love luminaries,” combined their wisdom and wrote a book about how we can all achieve this pure state of love called, Love for No Reason: 7 Steps to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love.
To hear more about this amazing book and the easy-to-follow steps to pure happiness, listen to this interview.


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