One Woman’s Fight for Human Rights

Posted on July 28th, 2011 by Cathy Evans

Human Rights Activitist, Journalist, Author

Former BBC reporter, Rebecca Tinsley, says that she couldn’t visit the victims of mass slaughter and genocide without doing something about it. She founded Waging Peace, an organization that fights for human rights around the world. Then she founded Network 4 Africa, a social-profit organization to help the heroes and survivors of the genocide improve their lives. She and her husband opened the Carter Centre UK at President and Mrs. Carter’s request.

But her greatest achievement is to use her talent for writing to tell the stories of the women and men she met there in a novel, When the Stars Fall to Earth. Rebecca says that what intrigues her most about the aftermath of war and genocide is the incredible resilience of the women who rebuild the society. It is the women who do the rebuilding and they show extraordinary inner strength to help others amidst their own horrible loss and to build a home out of chaos.

Even though it’s not the top news story any more, millions of people in Africa are being slaughtered, many women are being gang-raped and children mutilated. As the world’s attention moves from disaster to disaster, this daily disaster in many parts of the world continues.

Listen to Rebecca tell how this book came to be and how we can and why we should all help end the centuries of killing in the Sudan and other places where the most precious human right, the right to live, is denied an entire race of people. Hear how we can all benefit when we help people an ocean away.


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