Raise Girls to Lead

Posted on November 9th, 2010 by Cathy Evans

Dr Janet RoseAre your daughters or granddaughters growing up to believe in themselves as “leaders” or do they imagine themselves as pretty, gown-wearing, princesses-in-waiting? Are you equipped to counteract society’s premature sexualizing of girls? Are you instilling a positive image of strength in your girls as you raise them?

Parenting expert, Dr. Janet Rose Wojtalik has made it her life’s work to coach parents how to help girls choose self-esteem and self-reliance over dependence on a man for their future support. Her free e-book, “The Seven Secrets of Parenting Girls and her blog are valuable resources for parents needing guidance on how to raise strong girls and respectful boys.

Dr. Janet says we need both. Women will not become leaders without the respect of the men with whom they work and live. Little girls now play princess more than ever before, which does not bode well for their success in upper management. The survival of these attitudes explains how little progress women have made in many areas.

There is much more valuable information about how to nurture our next generation of women leaders in this important interview.


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