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Relationships Are Catalysts for Success

Tish TimesTish Times teaches clients that relationships are at the core of their success, and the primary relationship they may need to work on is their relationship with themselves.

Tish is President of Tish Times Networking & Sales. She’s on a mission to help clients own their value, find sales confidence, and make life-changing income so they can transform their world to one of perpetual success.

Tish speaks from the heart about her own struggles with self-confidence and self-doubt. She had a solid foundation—a father who taught her through his own actions that, if she didn’t like something, she had the power to change it. She also had a mother who was wonderful in the service of others but struggled with her own lack of self-worth, showing one side to the world and another to her observant daughter. The result is Tish’s built-in resilience and awareness to know the difference between things you need to face and things you need to change. Most of all, Tish made a pact with herself never to change who she is. She says, “I am who I am through the grace of God. I don’t believe I could do anything else but that.” With all that she has experienced, she also says, “I am standing here today a woman with huge dreams and a lot of aspirations and desires to do great things to help change the world.”

Asking Questions Key to Getting the Right Fit

Tish defines sales as “the process by which you get someone from where they are to where they have said they want to be.” Along the way, there will be objections and considerations, but you have to ask the right questions to find out what those are and how to solve them. She says that you have to get past wearing the “sales hat,” which is all about me-me-me, and switch to the service hat, which is about helping your customer get what he/she wants.  Then it becomes a transactional sale where both you and your customer get what they want. This requires building a relationship.

Tish says that women are very good at relationship-building but tend to keep it social and have trouble getting to the sale. Men, on the other hand, get quickly to the sale, but it may be a one-time thing. On the surface, they may seem more successful and might make more money, but long-term, relationship-building produces greater rewards. She says, “The fortune is in the follow-up, but the relationship is the currency that gets us to that place of being able to follow up.”

Tips for Women to Be Successful in Sales

  1. Of course, Tish’s first tip is to believe in yourself. She says that no one is born self-confident. You have to remind yourself what you have accomplished, how you have already succeeded and become your own cheerleader.
  2. Next, women need to own their own platform. They have to recognize that they got where they are by their own merit. No one else did it for them, and they cannot allow anyone, not even themselves, to make them feel less-than.
  3. Finally, women need to put themselves out there and have the uncomfortable conversation. Whether you are looking for a job, asking for a raise or presenting to a new client, keep putting yourself in that uncomfortable conversation, and practice it over and over until it becomes more comfortable.

Unstoppable Sales Academy

Listen to this conversation for more insights into how Tish has created generational customers—those business friends where their families, their neighbors, and their friends of friends have also become customers. And check out Tish’s website, TishTimes.com, for more information about her current Unstoppable Sales Academy training course, books, online events and other services to help you learn strategies and spearhead your business to a whole new level of success.



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