Responsibility Challenge | Biggest Mock Election in History

Every-Kid-VotesThis year more than ever before, little girls can dare to dream to be anything they want when they grow up, even President of the United States. The unreachable is now attainable and the shards of the final glass ceiling lie trampled under our feet. But this new opportunity doesn’t come without responsibility. Our continued freedom rests on our willingness to accept our responsibility as citizens to participate in civic actions, especially the responsibility to vote. Thanks to the Responsibility Foundation, along with Every Kid Votes, millions of girls and boys can help raise the money for the Statue of Responsibility, as their ancestor school children raised the funds for the Statue of Liberty.
It’s called the 10 x 10 Challenge and everyone benefits. Schools benefit with complete lesson plans and other free materials to participate in the biggest mock election that’s ever happened. We all benefit from providing a fun and enlightening learning experience for our daughters and sons to get a head start on becoming part of the political process with their vote on November 1. And students benefit in three ways:

  • learning about our great democratic process firsthand
  • becoming eligible for one of the many $5,000 scholarship
  • having their names displayed at the Statue of Responsibility

Learn more about it from the video below:

Spread the word. If your school hasn’t heard about the challenge, tell them, share the link, and show the video to your school administrators and teachers. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and most important this year when the presidency is finally open to everyone and every student can do more than dream about being president. They can participate in the process and learn by doing while contributing to the building of the Statue of Responsibility, a symbol of how we protect our freedom for centuries to come.

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