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Transforming Pain into Purpose

Angelina Rosario considers herself a role model for using the worst moments in your life as a way of transforming pain into purpose. She has influenced thousands of women by teaching them that trials and setbacks are their secret weapons for achieving success. Her own refusal to be a victim set her on a course to discover why she encountered so many setbacks and how she should use them to grow and evolve into all she could be. Today, she lives an intentional, purpose-filled life as an author, an abundant coach, director of sales for Cox Media Group in the Miami market, and she heads her own company for women empowerment called, She Fixes Crowns.

After losing the man she thought was going to be her future husband and spending six days fighting for her life in the ICU, she made a promise to God that if she was allowed to live, she would dedicate her life to women and show them how to use pain for opportunity. It didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t easy, but for the next four years, she searched her soul, researched online, surrounded herself with the right people, and miracles did unfold.

Angelina’s Five by Five Principle

Angelina’s book, Thank You for Walking Away, her company and her social media engagement all share her story and the tools she uses to help others through her Purpose University. She says that how you spend the first 20 minutes of the day can set you on the path to success. She writes it 5/5/5/5/5 and calls it five by five:

  1. She spends the first five minutes in prayer.
  2. She meditates for five minutes with a clear mind listening for inspiration.
  3. She visualizes to the point of knowing what will happen to her.
  4. She spends five minutes on gratitude. Angelina is most grateful to be alive and able to face another day.
  5. The final five minutes she journals, which she sees as a way to vent her emotions.

She says that writing down what she feels keeps her from internalizing her emotions and helps her see that she doesn’t have to have all the answers, which brings up the final five in the equation. Angelina says it’s also very important to surround yourself with five women to support you. She created her own support group when she went through her health challenges.

Thank You for Walking Away

Angelina’s new book covers all of her secret weapons for overcoming adversity. She has learned to be grateful for the things that made her evolve and see a new way of being. She said that during the four years she transformed pain into purpose, she spent $45,000 on transforming her insides, in therapy, self-help workshops, etc. But as she changed on the inside, aspects of her life on the outside changed also. People came into her life to help her on her new journey. She says, “We’ve all been called for a divine reason. And the way you find that out is by being quiet in your mind and allowing yourself to hear.” She calls it “a download” and says that she doesn’t question it. She just goes. When she decided not to be a victim she says that she started throwing “curve balls” back at obstacles. Being stagnant brings on depression, so Angelina advises us to keep going, throw curveballs and live intentionally. That means having a plan for your day, week, month and year. Slowly you will notice that as your behavior changes, your circle of friends changes to like-minded people and we all progress.

Hear Angelina’s Story

Listen to this amazing conversation to hear Angelina’s inspiring story and insight into how to transform pain into purpose. Also, listen to her MOTW (Move Out The Way) podcast, where she talks with guests about faith, fear, gratitude, self-care and much more. Then check out her website, She Fixes Crowns for more information about her 5/5/5/5/5 tools. And buy her new book, Thank You for Walking Away, available at either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Angelina says that she is really no different from other people. We all have wisdom and can fight the good fight, but she made a decision to apply what she learned and make it work for her. But even she admits to being astonished at how much she has succeeded and gained from her pain.

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