How Women Feel about their Faces

Posted on February 28th, 2011 by Cathy Evans

How do you feel about how you look? Was there a time when you thought you looked the best you ever would?
Vivian DillerDr. Vivian Diller says that usually women do have that kind of moment. It might be on their wedding day or some other special time when they were their happiest and the focus of attention.
How women and men feel about how they look is Dr. Diller’s specialty. She co-wrote a book called FACE IT! How Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change.  As a retired professional dancer and model, she confronted the paradox between beauty and brains in a post-feminist world. Now she counsels young actors, models, dancers and sports figures as they transition from youth-oriented professions where youth and beauty is out of proportion to its importance in life.
Dr. Diller and Dr. Nancy discuss the importance of role models and how different it is for women today living beyond the life-expectancy of the women only 50 years ago. If you’re wondering if other women feel like you, listen to this 30 minute interview.


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