Women Gain Power with Communication

Communication Expert and Executive Coach

Lois Phillips, PhD

Dr. Lois Phillips says that silence is NOT golden. When women leaders speak with a public voice, they achieve a better quality of life for all. They change policy … and the world. What can you do with your voice?

In her book, Women Seen and Heard: Speaking in a Public Voice, Lois examines how women got the right to vote, earned civil rights and successfully challenged the establishment. Her passion is examining what separates great speakers from mediocre ones and how women communicate differently from men.

Women must establish credibility before audiences will listen, but how can we do that? Why must we learn to argue and listen to both sides? What strategies will help us achieve our life goals? Lois has the answers! If you want to make a difference in your community or embark on a successful career, you must communicate effectively.

Dr. Phillips has coached high executives and rank-and-file women. She shares life stories that show how women use their unique gifts to achieve their passion and purpose. Listen to this outstanding conversation and learn to excel through communication.


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