Women Philanthropists Change the World

Posted on December 30th, 2011 by Cathy Evans

Financial Journalist and Founder of Women's Giving Institute

Joanna Krotz

Author and social activist, Joanna Krotz reports that women business owners give a higher percentage of their income, more often than any other group. Joanna has written two books on philanthropy, Making Philanthropy Count: How Women Are Changing the World and The Guide to Intelligent Giving. She also founded Women’s Giving Institute, an organization committed to educating the donor in all of us.

Joanna says that women are new to philanthropic activities and hesitate to call themselves “philanthropists.” Instead, women say, “I like to give.” With the confidence that comes from acquiring and managing wealth, women are finally evolving into empowered philanthropists that are changing the world. These philanthropists are role models for other women, who are just beginning these missions themselves. However, the tens of millions of dollars that women give is under-reported and largely unrecognized.

Joanna is working on a national survey that records the dollars women give. If you know of one or are working toward this goal yourself, please contact us.

Learn more about it and hear other stories about how and why women share their time, treasure and talent to change the world in this informative conversation.


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