Women Redefine Sex, Money and Power

Posted on October 28th, 2014 by Dr. Nancy

Co-Author Leading Women

Joanna L. Krotz

From women and giving to women entrepreneurship, Joanna L. Krotz has always advocated for change, delivering messages to help women empower themselves through effective use of their power and money. Founder of Muse2Muse Productions and The Woman’s Playbook, Joanna uses multi-media to share successful women’s stories that inspire and educate others.
As a broadcast on iTunes, and soon to become a book, “The Woman’s Playbook” features women entrepreneurs who make their ideas work in the marketplace. The media fosters stereotypical models of successful entrepreneurs along the lines of Silicone Valley’s Mark Zuckerberg. Women entrepreneurs start more businesses than any other segment of the population, yet only 6% of startups make a million dollars. That’s why Joanna advises people to ignore the media hype and focus on their mission.

“Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same.”

Being equal doesn’t mean being the same is Joanna’s main message. She became impatient with women not reaching equality while working as an editor for numerous magazines. Women and men do not want the same things and have very different work styles. In 2002 she started her own venture, supporting women and showing them how to use their own skills and rely on themselves to fund their future. Her book, The Guide to Intelligent Giving: Make a Difference in the World and in Your Own Life, encouraged women to own their wealth and use it to make fulfilling choices.
In The Woman’s Playbook, Joanna focuses on women’s strengths of multi-tasking and flexibility to show how women fit uniquely into today’s working environment. She points out how more free agents, contractors and people working from several different locations have created more lateral work situations replacing the old hierarchical structure. She says that women work much better with that kind of flexibility than men do, because they are used to more fluid roles and moving back and forth from family to work.
Technology makes it easy for women to try out a new business. Joanna calls it the Goldilocks Syndrome or the “just right job.” A woman may have a successful corporate career, but it may not fit her need to care for her family or fulfill her sense of accomplishment. So she may take on a single client. When or if that works out, she takes the next step. Joanna says for many women, it’s like walking through an open door, rather than making a plan. All it takes is opening up to being in charge of your own financial future.

Stories that Redefine Sex and Power for Women

leading-women-cover-150Joanna and Dr. Nancy discuss Joanna’s chapter in Leading Women, “Redefining Sex and Power: How Women Can Bankroll Change and Fund their Future.” In her chapter, Joanna explains the gender difference about attitudes towards money. Joanna also points out that women react very differently when they are asked to give their time or treasures. Men will give to someone they play golf with knowing the person and the cause, but women are reluctant. When women are in upper management or sit on a board, that corporation usually gets much more involved in charitable activities.

Listen to More Empowering Stories

The Woman’s Playbook, the book is soon to be released. But you can listen anytime to weekly stories of successful women on iTunes. Check out womansplaybook.com for more information. And you can read more about Joanna and her chapter full of empowering stories intelligent giving advice in Leading Women.


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