Your Opinions Matter – Join Our Focus Groups!

You know what matters? Your opinion! And the opinion of your mothers, daughters, sisters, coworkers, and friends.

Dr. Nancy O’Reilly is updating her 2008 book, Timeless Women Speak, Feeling Youthful at Any Age, and she can’t do it without all of you. In fact, to make this update relevant and useful to women of all ages, she needs to find out how women feel today about aging and how it’s affecting their lives, because a lot has changed since she began her research in 1999.

That’s why we need your help.

Will you join us for one of our upcoming focus groups? And will you share this opportunity with the women in your life? Your input will help Dr. Nancy learn how women’s attitudes about aging have changed and how they have stayed the same. It will also give her the information she needs to help women master the emotional, psychological, and physical impacts of aging. This update will take the original book further and provide readers with the tools they need now to stay healthy, vibrant, and productive at every age – and many of those tools will be uncovered during these focus group events.

What do you think? Can we count on you to spread the word and shine a light on the issues that women are facing?

Our focus groups are starting right away. To participate, please email us at as soon as possible. All focus groups will be scheduled for one hour on Zoom in the coming weeks. Each age group will have their own session (20s, 30s, etc.), and all participants will receive a copy of the book.

As always, we make the biggest impact together.

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