Women Connect to Change the World

Linda Rendleman, Author, Speaker, PhilanthropistLinda Rendleman is excited about where the new women’s movement is going today. Finally, she says, women are discovering who they really are, instead of trying to be what someone else wants them to be. Linda is a shining example of a dedicated woman who took the challenges life gave her and turned them into opportunities.
As a young single mother, Linda realized that she would never have the white picket fence, or greet her husband in pearls and high heels. She used her college skills and built a career supporting women by writing and speaking. But her true mission in life was to support women philanthropically and help them make the world a better place to live.

Early Successes Connecting Women

Linda and a friend published one of the first hometown magazines for women in the country and broadcasted radio and television shows. In 2000, while the Internet was quite new, she started an online business networking company for women, BusinessWomenConnect.com in Indianapolis. Then cancer got the upper hand and she had to give up many things, including her foundation, but she won the battle and wrote her first book five years later.

Women Like Us Foundation

With her first book her dream of philanthropically helping women returned and the Women Like Us Foundation became a reality. The foundation does fundraising, provides volunteers who travel overseas and supports women changing the world. Linda urges everyone working with a women’s charities to check out WomenLikeUsFoundation.org to see if it might be able to help them further their work.

How Women Like Us Find and Implement Their Passion

leading-women-cover-150Linda’s favorite phrase about women is, “Our stories are singular, but our passions are shared.” That is why she has focused on connecting women and advising and supporting them in her work.
Her chapter in Leading Women comes from her most recent book, Women Like Us Illuminating the World. It’s called, “Poise, The Final Ingredient.” Linda believes that for women to find their passion and take action, they must ultimately discover who they truly are. She describes that process in her chapter and how her own journey led her to write and begin her foundation to support other women’s passion to change the world.

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