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Doing What You Love Creates Good Karma

filmmaker, founder 360 Degree Karma

Catherine Gray

Filmmaker, Catherine Gray founded 360 Karma as a platform for her initiatives to inspire and empower women through her many film and event productions, including the “Live, Love Thrive” talk show and conference and her new “She Angel” investor program. Always reaching out for ways to help people who have no voice, Catherine produced the first documentary about gay marriage, called “I Can’t Marry You.” After pounding the pavement for years to get it aired and seen, PBS finally asked for it just after the first two cities in the United States legalized gay marriage. To celebrate Gay Pride Month in 2003, PBS aired it and shared the stories of long-time couples who had been denied basic marital rights in our society because of their life-mate choices.
Speaking for the underdog and empowering them through their stories is a recurring theme in Catherine’s work. She expresses amazement at the women she interviews on her talk show, especially for their ability to overcome obstacles and make a difference in the world. Catherine’s belief that we are here to use our gifts and do what we love guides her to use her gifts as a filmmaker and storyteller to help others use theirs. That is the secret of living a happy life and creating good karma. Her “Live, Love Thrive” guests benefit by being able to share their stories and the viewers benefit by being inspired to follow their dreams.

Take the Lead 50 Women Can

Serving on the advisory board for 50 Women Can Change the World in Media and Entertainment is an extension of Catherine’s advocacy for the underdog. She is adamant about the impact of film and television on the way we see things. By educating people and showing them things that aren’t in their own sphere of life, these top 50 women will go back to their companies and help accelerate women into positions of influence, meaning more women writers, producers and directors. She sees it as a way to massively change the content of movies and TV in a positive way. Both she and Dr. Nancy note that with women currently representing only 4% of movie directors, the messages and stories are extremely limited. Creating a catalyst like Take the Lead’s 50 Women Can multiplies the opportunities to funnel more women into the filmmaking process, increasing feminine energy and empowering all women of all religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations and races. All women working together with men can create the most positive impact for positive change.

She Angels Investing Initiative

Originally named “She Tank,” Catherine’s new initiative to help women fills in the gap of the lack of investment capital for women-owned businesses. Although the statistics show that women businesses largely are more successful than those started by men, only 3% of venture capitalist dollars go to women and only 15% of traditional funding does. “She Angels” puts women together with women investors, giving them an event to pitch their business idea and get the funding and mentoring support they need. The first event premiered in Los Angeles recently and Catherine looks forward to expanding it to other cities throughout the United States.

More to Come

Check out Catherine’s book of inspiring stories about women overcoming adversity and triumphing over trauma in her book Live, Love Thrive: Inspiring Women’s Empowerment. Tune in to “Live, Love, Thrive” talk show on UBN (Universal Broadcasting Network). Episodes are also re-broadcast on YouTube, social media, iHeart Radio and iTunes. Check out her website for upcoming events, https://www.360karma.com/, to join her community, to be a guest on “Live Love Thrive” or simply connect through e-mail or social media.
Listen to this interview for more of Catherine’s personal story and insights to how we can help empower one another through our stories.

Why Women Should Get Rich

Margie_BaldockDo you think you could never get rich? Do you avoid even talking about money? If so, you probably believe the lie perpetuated by our out-of-date culture that money is the root of all evil. Or maybe you think it’s the man’s place to make the money and women’s place to raise the children. Listening to Margie Baldock’s interview can help you. She as reached out from Australia to debunk those lies and create wealth among women. Her mission: to inspire and assist a million women to become millionaires, so they can gain the influence to make positive changes in the world.
Margie says money is just a tool and that financial literacy is an essential skill for success. It’s like learning to drive a car or use a computer. If you don’t learn to create wealth and use it appropriately, it’s impossible to do what you want in life. She learned this from watching her mother, whose husband left her impoverished to raise three small children alone. Despite her pain, her mother taught Margie to get an education and work hard to take responsibility for her own financial stability.
However, after a few years in the corporate world, Margie discovered that this advice didn’t create what she sought as success. The harder she worked and the more “successful” she became, the more hours she had to work and the less time she had for what she considered the important things in life. She read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and quit her job. After a few years of trial and error and making a lot of mistakes, she learned how to use money to create money, to increase her power and influence and to live the life she wanted.
Now Margie teaches other women how to do the same and to avoid her mistakes in her new book, The Mother Lode Manifesto: How to Conceive a Fortune and Give Birth to Your Wildest Dreams. Besides this, she has opened her website to tell women key strategies for creating wealth for themselves. And she has begun what she calls an incubator of financial support to help women get started in their own businesses.

 Women Naturally Have the Skills to Be Rich

Margie and Dr. Nancy blame culture for teaching women throughout childhood to be ashamed of having or wanting money. Myths abound: girls are not good with money; girls should look for a man to take care of them financially; woman’s role is to take care of the family. In contrast, Margie exposes the truth in these statistics:

  • Research shows women make better investors than men.
  • Average women deliver 1% more per year than men and that’s because we lack the confidence and we’re not extreme risk takers.
  • Hedge funds that are run by women deliver twice the average annual return as those run by men.
  • The professional money managers who are women are exceptional.
  • When enough women are in high positions in Fortune 500 companies, those companies deliver 35% higher returns to shareholders.

The conclusion for both Dr. Nancy and Margie is that women have no excuse not to get rich! We have the skills to be wealthy and when we achieve wealth, we tend to reach out to help others. And that is the reason Margie is on this quest to create a million millionaire women.

What to Do with All that Money

The answer is simple: Change the world. Margie says if you feel guilty about making money, do it for your children, for your family, for your community. Dr. Nancy talks about how she was encouraged to be more like a man to succeed in her profession. And Margie agrees that we have been in the masculine model too long. She says that when all things masculine are valued and all things feminine are not, the world slips out of balance. The world needs women who are doing business, accepting responsibility, being self-reliant and making changes like women naturally do. With financial freedom comes the time and energy to pursue our passions.
To find out more, listen check out Margie’s website, read her book and start your strategy for living your wildest dreams.

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