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We are delighted to receive this great notice from one of the reviewers at The National Association of Boomer Women. Thank you Melinda for reading Timeless Women Speak in the method suggested by Dr. Nancy in the book.  The way you discuss how this  increased your understanding of the intent of the authors is insightful and important for other women readers. We appreciate your thorough, thoughtful review.
Read Melinda’s complete review below, or go to The NABBW website and check out other great information they have to share.
Timeless Women Speak: Feeling Youthful at Any Age
Author: Nancy D. O’ Reilly, PsyD and Margaret U. Castrey
Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos
In Feeling Youthful at Any Age the reader can expect to come face-to-face with the fear of aging. Revelations are not sugar-coated, they are realistic and no-nonsense, but they are also optimistic. Licensed psychologist Nancy O’Reilly and journalist Margaret Castrey endeavor to increase our understanding, awareness, and eventual acceptance of the aging process. They suggest going directly to the section dedicated to your particular age and then reading on to the age you will be entering before reading beginning to end. I did as I was told, began at the “forties” section, and found myself smack-dab in the middle of the book (how appropriate). Here I found the stories of several women who are facing changing bodies, hormone levels, and desires for their future. Their fears and impressions are candidly shared; Castrey and O’Reilly do a nice job allowing the voices of the forty-something women interviewed to resonate with the strength they’ve received from dispelling those fears.
Only when I read the book start to finish did I gain the clarity that I am sure was the authors’ intent: age after age, decade after decade, women’s concerns remain the same. We get the message that we are not alone in our struggle to learn how to truly love ourselves. Concerns are handled differently from woman to woman; comfort comes through the sharing of the failures and the successes so as women living in a less-than-gentle society we provide ourselves with the benefit of a collective courage. It was somewhat arresting to read about women in their twenties who are already harboring concerns about aging, already preparing to do battle with the threat of invisibility, yet I found the frankness with which the women relayed their perspective, whether it was entirely healthy or not, refreshing.

Read What Others Are Saying About the Book Timeless Women

Whether you are 29, 99, or someplace in between, you will find this touching, inspirational book to be a positive guide to living life to the fullest. This book is exactly what women at all stages of life need to reach their full potential.
~Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall, Co-founders, Women’s Institute for Financial Education (


“The authors make a unique contribution to the literature on women because they discuss in detail, based on their research, the specific issues most troubling to women. This is a book that everyone in the family should read: grandmothers, mothers, and their daughters, as well as the men in their lives, in order to understand the most common pressing challenges of women brought by each decade of life.” ~Janet Horn, MD, co-author, The Smart Woman’ s Guide to Midlife and Beyond: A No-Nonsense Approach to Staying Healthy after 50.


“This inspiring book shows women the breadth of their choices and possibilities for endless personal growth. Women have a gift for personal honesty and for story telling and the two come together in this book to help us know each other, draw strength from one another and teach each other. There is a lot of wisdom in this book. It’s a tonic to read.” ~Pepper Schwartz, PhD, Professor of Sociology, University of Washington and author of Prime: Adventures and Advice about Sex, Love and the Sensual Years (HarperCollins, 2008)

I have had a chance to read your book (sections) and it is a great format, really interesting and informative. I got Cindy a copy and she said how much it helped her in knowing others in her age bracket have the same feelings, anxieties, etc. that she does. She really liked it. She said she would e-mail you, but I thought I’d share right now. With the 5 boys, sometimes, it takes her a while to find time to do these things. ~Susie W.


This book shows the variety of ways women handle aging, at all stages of life. The 45 percent of women who are not coping well can learn from successful women to embrace aging and the wisdom that comes with it. It’s interesting that women are often the hardest on other women, and that a lot of the hang ups women have about aging involve how they feel they will be perceived by other WOMEN, not men! We have got to stop looking at other women as competition, and help mentor and support each other. The authors give age-specific tasks to help embrace aging and to learn to value ourselves more. We are more than our physical appearance! Throughout the book, the importance of mentoring and being supportive of other women is key. A helpful guide for all women! ” ~Deborah Hill-Busselle, M.D.


“Dr. Nancy O’Reilly surveyed over 1200 women and learned that nearly half fear aging. Their book reviews individual psychosocial histories and offers suggestions to navigate successfully through each decade of life. This book is invaluable for anyone, man or woman, who wants to better understand the process of aging and receive helpful guidance.” ~Kathleen Farmer, PsyD, Co-author, Managing Migraine, A Patient’s Guide and Managing Migraine, A Physician’s Guide


“Women are needing and wanting to be heard and this book gives us a voice. It will add to ‘women’s world.’ The authors share their personal perspectives, which brings the book to life as do the stories of persons in each age group. I got teary eyed as some parts reminded me of my mom, whom I lost in April. I realized how fortunate I was with her role model for aging; she didn’t think of herself as old until about three days before she died. This book will touch women, and cause them to reflect, and to be grateful. You have made a significant contribution to women’s awareness, personal growth, and unique issues.” ~Fran Anderson, PsyD


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